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Kelly McDonald

Diversity, Multicultural Marketing & Consumer Trends Expert


From ethnicity to social class to generational differences, today’s society is increasingly diverse. Kelly McDonald, considered one of the world’s top experts in multicultural marketing and consumer trends, shows audiences why diversity is a business opportunity, and explains how better understanding your employees, your customers, and your community can lead to big dividends.  +

On stage, Kelly’s energy and humour keep audiences riveted and engaged. She employs audience interaction to foster learning and engagement, giving audiences a means of discussing the content and how it applies to their roles, their challenges, and their opportunities.

Kelly’s clients include iconic brands such as Toyota, State Farm, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller-Coors and Sherwin-Williams. Her marketing company has twice been named one of the top advertising agencies in the USA by Advertising Age magazine.

She is also the author of two bestselling books, How to Market to People Not Like You, and Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You.

An expert source in the media, Kelly has been featured on CNBC, in BusinessWeek, and on, to name just a few.  --

Topics & Categories
  • Business Management & Strategy
  • Communication
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources & Workplace Culture
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Leadership
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Motivational
  • Sales & Service
  • Social Media | Internet of Things
  • Team-Work & Collaboration
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Women of Influence


Most-Requested Presentation:
How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You

We all know that a diverse workforce leads to better decisions and solutions – it has been proven to grow business and profits. But when the person in the next cube of office is different from you, friction may arise. Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue. They may have vastly different approaches to work. Their communication styles may be very different. Their comfort in working with technology may be miles apart. They may see work as a formal environment or one that is casual. They may even have different reasons and motivations for working in the first place.  +

Cultural backgrounds and norms can differ. Even men and women can see situations differently. How do you work alongside someone who may be quite different from you, respect those differences and be effective in your role?

And what about leading a diverse team? Leaders face daily the challenges of inspiring, communicating and executing strategy with their teams. Now imagine the challenges of leading teams that may be incredibly diverse! How does one motivate and lead groups of people who come from different backgrounds? How do you do that when people are motivated by different values and view the world and work through different lenses?

This session will cover the many ways we can be different from one another and how those differences manifest themselves in work situations. It will show how employees can succeed in today’s diverse workplace without losing their minds or becoming frustrated by approaches to work that may differ from theirs. For those in leadership positions, or those who aspire to manage and lead others, this session will identify key ways in which you can effectively communicate, guide, and lead associates and colleagues who are not like you.

Whether you’re working with internal associates or external clients and customers, it’s imperative that you know what motivates people – and what doesn’t. Leadership isn’t about seniority or position – it’s about influence, forming connections and building trust. It’s the ability to move business forward.

Regardless of gender, age, lifestage, race, ethnicity or even communication preferences, you’ll learn to create a deep, values-based connection between you and your associates, clients and prospects.  --

Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You
Deliver a better business experience, for every kind of customer.

This session will show how companies, brands and products struggling to differentiate themselves in a sea of sameness can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference with exceptional and customized customer service.  + 

A “one-size fits all” approach to customer service is no longer viable. Businesses competing on service need to understand and cater to customers’ racial, ethnic, religious, generational, lifestyle and geographic differences in order to meet or exceed customers’ service expectations.

Core customer groups will be covered, including women, the five generations (Matures, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z), racial and ethnic segments, such as Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans, as well as those who are defined by key lifestyle and life-stage attributes. Includes consumer insights that will help you deliver a better business experience for every customer.

You cannot control the economy, the stock market or the costs of goods and labour. But you can control your organization’s customer experience. It’s an empowering thought. Customer service is not 100% in your control at all times and it’s more important than ever in today’s competitive business environment.

And terrific customer service doesn’t have to break the bank: it’s about understanding your customer’s values and catering to their priorities.


  • Learn the latest techniques that innovative companies are using today to train their staff to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Best practices among leading companies and brands will be reviewed
  • Learn how to listen for what a customer wants, not just what he/she may ask for
  • Learn key insights into delivering terrific customer service to the Hispanic customer
  • Specific strategies and tactics will be discussed as well as Do’s and Don’ts  --

How to Market to People Not Like You:
The New Market Segmentation

Our marketing environment has become more complex, and consumers have become more sophisticated. Diversity marketing is the new norm, and this doesn’t simply mean racial diversity. Diversity comes in many forms: gender, race, age, lifestage, language preference, sexuality, and hobbies or special interests are all ways in which people’s differences are recognized.  + 

By recognizing these differences and tailoring your product, message or marketing efforts to reflect consumers’ uniqueness, you are validating the importance of a consumer group. It may be counterintuitive to focus on differences rather than similarities, but this can really stretch your marketing muscles and bring incremental results.


  • Learn about the hottest new marketing segments and how they’re shaping culture
  • Learn the key emotional drivers for important target segments and how your business can leverage those in marketing messages
  • Learn which group represents the largest opportunity for your business right now and which group will be your greatest opportunity tomorrow
  • Specific strategies and tactics will be discussed for identifying your high-potential prospects and reaching them effectively  --

Come Together: Generational Differences and How to Effectively Work with Someone Much Older or Younger than You

Why don’t Boomers realize there’s more to life than work? And why don’t Millennials realize that their 5:0pm yoga class does not take precedence over a client deadline? What happened to “paying your dues”? Why doesn’t my supervisor praise me and appreciate me for all the great things I do every day?  +

These questions are being asked and grumbled about in every office everywhere in the country. Any time two or more generations work side by side, there are going to be potential differences in the approach to work and collaboration. But never have the differences between these generations been so profoundly market as they are now. Why? And more importantly, how do you learn to work with someone who has such a different approach to work, not to mention their values and priorities?

This presentation focuses on key generational differences and how you can work effectively with someone much older or younger than you – and enjoy it!


  • Participants will learn the 4 generations and the experiences that have shaped and defined them in meaningful ways
  • Specific examples will be provided on how different generations can come together to better serve your company, both internally (employees) and externally (with clients)  --

How to be a Culturally-Ready & Culturally-Friendly Employer: Insights into Your Diverse Workforce

The U.S. population is increasingly diverse, and in some industries, the composition of the workforce is 70% minority. The shift in demographics is a permanent one and brings many changes to our society and our workforce. These changes also bring unique challenges to employers and workers as values sometimes differ between various cultures.  +

Among Hispanics, the largest ethnic minority in the U.S., values and customs often differ depending on country of origin and level of acculturation. Learning the key differences in the values and cultural expectations among different Hispanic segments can help your business attract, recruit and retain the best employees.

This presentation will focus on how you can best reach and retain diverse workers by understanding varying levels of acculturation, differences in values, and how to increase productivity and retention among your diverse workforce.


  • Learn the core values of various cultures and how understanding these values will help you connect with your employees and co-workers in a meaningful way
  • Learn the Four Latino Mindsets and how each views and prioritizes work, family leisure time, and more
  • Learn how some employers are using innovative strategies to recruit and retain the most effective workers
  • Do’s and Don’ts are covered in detail  --

Assertive  Leadership for  Women:  
How to  Move  the  Business Forward with the Teams You Lead

“Assertiveness” is a widely misunderstood characteristic. Some interpret it as being “bossy”; some interpret it as “standing your ground” or “speaking your mind” and some interpret it as “taking charge” or being aggressive.  +

Assertiveness is none of these things, yet it’s an essential skill in business and a quality that all successful leaders have. And it IS a skill – it can be developed and honed, like any other skill.

Often times, women who work in predominantly male industries feel pressure to perform at their peak while also not appearing to be seen as too “domineering.” This balancing act requires women in executive roles (or rising stars at their company ) to become more assertive, in order to lead effectively.

For many women, being assertive can be challenging because we tend to be “people pleasers” and often put the needs of the group (your team or your associates) before our own needs. Being assertive is not at odds with teamwork – in fact, it is constructive for your team and your organization.  Assertiveness is a management and performance quality that is highly charismatic and appealing.


  • What assertiveness is – and what it’s not
  • How to develop your assertive style in a manner that appeals, not repels
  • How to communicate, empower and lead in predominantly male industries or teams
  • How young women executives see you - and what inspires them most  --

Kelly McDonald is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, Kelly McDonald's speaking schedule,* fees & booking Kelly McDonald contact us. *Fee range indicated is for "virtual" presentations.

What Clients are Saying

Kelly, your energy, enthusiasm and mastery of marketing was amazingly what the audience needed! As a marketer myself, watching someone of your caliber is like a shot of adrenaline in the arm. Wow! And thank you!!!

–Independent Community Bankers of America


Kelly, your energy, enthusiasm and mastery of marketing was amazingly what the audience needed! As a marketer myself, watching someone of your caliber is like a shot of adrenaline in the arm. Wow! And thank you!!!

–Independent Community Bankers of America

Thank you for the wonderful presentation you made at our Annual CPCU All-Industry Day event. Everyone I’ve spoken with has stated that they were very impressed with your energy and keen insights. We couldn’t have had a better speaker to cap off our event.

–State Farm Insurance

Thanks for everything! The presentation to our group…the copy of your presentation…the clever conversation…You have a great way of presenting interesting facts. Our group got a lot out of your presentation. Your scored the highest of any speaker we’ve ever had. Thanks!

–Automotive Sales Council


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