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Risha Grant

Diversity Done Differently


Motivated by her passion to correct societal “isms” like racism, sexism, classism, and plain old stupidism, it’s Risha Grant’s personal mission to expose the value of diversity and inclusion, while shining a light on the economic impact it creates. From her race, gender, and lifestyle choices, to growing a small business and tackling economic issues, every area of her life intersects diversity. It’s this range of experiences that has earned her an internationally renowned reputation as a diversity, inclusion, and bias / unconscious bias expert.

Founder and CEO of Risha Grant LLC, an award-winning diversity consulting and communications firm, she is also an edgy, educational, and motivational speaker and author. She covers the important topics of diversity, inclusion, and bias as NBC KJRH’s community correspondent and host of the Risha Talks series. Through her Tulsa World column, Risha Talks, and as a contributor to Black Enterprise Magazine, she has motivated and educated numerous corporations, associations, and universities. Through her interactive keynotes and deep-dive training sessions, Grant teaches and empowers attendees with diversity and inclusion tools to increase their bottom line and get rid of their BS.

In her book, That’s BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets and her corresponding “BS” video series, Grant has led audiences to new places of respect and understanding. These audiences have included Discover Card Financial Services, Samsung Electronics America, Wells Fargo, Boy Scouts of America, the US Airforce, NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, and University of Oklahoma.

Grant has been featured in Forbes, The Financial Times, Bloomberg Media, Engage Magazine, among many other print, television, and radio media outlets. She’s also been awarded numerous honors such as being named a 2019 Top 100 HR Influencer by Engagedly, a 2018 Inclusive Leadership Award Winner, and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.

Show Description

Virtual / Live Keynotes:

Permission Granted to Get Rid of Your BS +

Whether implicit or conscious, bias is the number one threat to humanity and any company’s success. If your company’s goal is to create cohesiveness within your organization, increase revenue, be innovative and/or elevate your reputation, the bias in your workforce and community is a roadblock. You know the problem. “Permission Granted” is your answer.

Throughout this virtual presentation, Risha Grant allows attendees to express their biases, while giving them easily applicable tools to get over them. Although diversity can often be an uncomfortable topic, Grant’s approach helps attendees to understand the concept without feeling bored or judged.

Audiences will learn:

  • A greater understanding of diversity and inclusion.
  • A thorough awareness of their biases.
  • A realization of how their biases originated.
  • A recognition of the symptoms and results of bias.
  • Tools to address bias internally and externally.
  • Tips to navigate bias in the workplace. --

Permission Granted to Build an Inclusive Culture +

Building an inclusive culture is imperative to business success. Learn the keys to creating a culture that welcomes all employees, and boosts retention and productivity. In this virtual presentation, Risha Grant shares applicable tips and strategies to take your company’s culture to the next level.

Audiences will learn:

  • The key to attracting and retaining top diverse talent.
  • Strategies to showcase how an inclusive culture provides a competitive advantage.
  • Important insights to keep in mind as you establish your inclusive culture. --

Permission Granted to Attract Diverse Markets +

Companies need to know how to get diverse customers to buy their products and services. Why? Business sustainability, competitive advantage, a constantly changing economy, and trillions in buying power.

During this virtual presentation, Risha Grant will share the key to effectively engaging diverse groups, and provide tips to create a powerful diversity communications strategy for their company.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to create a successful diversity communications plan of action.
  • How to communicate to diverse audiences.
  • How to market to diverse groups vs. mainstream audiences.--

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Building Diverse and Inclusive Organizations +

Take this time of social distancing to unpack the BS (bias synapse) in your organization, so that you can begin to build authentic relationships.

Risha Grant hosts a fun, engaging, and interactive live webinar for your employees that includes three modules of training to help assess the cultural and organizational barriers blocking your employees and business from authentic change. This includes:

  • Get Rid of the BS (Bias Synapse)
  • Get Rid of the BS to Build an Inclusive Culture
  • Micro-Aggressions: Negative Messages, Positive Changes

Through this three-step process, participants will be able to identify, own, and confront their bias while learning to build an inclusive culture and understand the micro-aggressions that keep us irritated and frustrated with each other.

Along with live hosting, this webinar includes:

  • PDF downloads.
  • Course terms.
  • Key messages.
  • Reflection questions.

This virtual workshop runs 60-75 minutes. --

For more information,* speaking fees, Risha Grant's speaking schedule, and booking speaker Risha Grant, contact us. *Fee range indicated is for "virtual" events.

What Clients are Saying

We just completed her session and it was the most well received of our 3 keynotes, in my opinion. She knocked it out the park. Or, to use a basketball reference, she was draining 3’s all speech long. She did a fabulous job. I truly appreciated her story-telling and transparency. It allowed our team members to connect with her.

–Chief Diversity Officer & SVP NA Field Human Resources, Signet Jewelers


We just completed her session and it was the most well received of our 3 keynotes, in my opinion. She knocked it out the park. Or, to use a basketball reference, she was draining 3’s all speech long. She did a fabulous job. I truly appreciated her story-telling and transparency. It allowed our team members to connect with her.

–Chief Diversity Officer & SVP NA Field Human Resources, Signet Jewelers

She spoke to over 90 attendees for 10 different Samsung Companies across the USA and Canada. She was inspiring, funny and brutally honest. I really appreciated her ability to tell a story, willingness to share her personal experiences and insight. She was professional and personable.

–Sr. Manager, Samsung, North America

Risha knocked it out of the park at our industry conference. She brought a ton of energy to the presentation and she got everyone in the room to come face to face with their own bias, which was amazing to watch. There wasn’t a person in the room staring at their phones. That told me she got their attention and they were really thinking about what she was saying. I highly recommend Risha and her message for any business or industry dealing with bias and needing more diversity.

–Senior Vice President — Bike Specialty

D&I is hard work because we humans are complicated. The bottom line is, when you need an extraordinary facilitator–who is clear-eyed, compassionate, and unafraid to work on implicit bias—call Risha. She steered the conversation to illustrate the unacknowledged, unaware white privilege that was underneath many of the exchanges among the participants, yet always created an environment of safety. Risha is uniquely equipped to lead your people forward into better territory where everybody wins.

–Manager, Behavioral Health Service and Student Counseling and Mental Health Service, Harvard University

Risha captivated the audience and challenged us as HR Professionals to look at what diversity and inclusion really means.

–Committee Chairs, Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA)

Nestle Purina’s Women Leaders Forum invited Risha Grant to lead a (virtual) presentation to our members in August 2020. Risha’s presentation, Authenticity is Everything, was a candid discussion on how to identify and get rid of our biases so that we can show up as our authentic selves. The feedback from this discussion was overwhelming! Our members appreciated the safe space for discussion, asked thought-provoking questions that Risha answered truthfully, and walked away with tools on how to examine and overcome their own biases. Risha has such a dynamic personality that was felt even through the virtual environment (although I bet seeing her in person is even better!) and a disarming manner that made it easy for us to engage with her. If you’re looking for an energetic, no BS speaker to engage your organization on some tough topics, hire Risha.”

–Director of Education and Programing, Nestle Purina Women Leaders Forum


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